By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

In A Dark Cave He Saw A Strange Creature… Then He Reached For His Camera.

Photographer Joseph Michael needed a break from a separate project he was working on, when he decided to capture New Zealand’s glowworms. Little did he know that by going into the country’s 30 million year limestones caves, would result in the series Luminosity.

Michael photographed the Arachnocampa luminosa. The species sparkles like Christmas lights in the dark and wet grottos. The Auckland native describes spending hours in the caves in cold water to shoot the amazing show of lights. The glow-worms are more abundant in the summer months but it is in the winter when they glow brighter. It is believed the worms’ radiance is to attract their prey. Although when the female luminosa shines, it is to also find a mate.

Michael hopes that his hard work will create a different perspective, “to give someone the opportunity to look at something different, create a deeper perspective on the things we see every day.”

The Arachnocampa luminosa can be found throughout the grottos of New Zealand.

The glowing worms within the dark caves confuses its prey into thinking it is outside at night.

The glowworms are an endemic of the country.

Michael says, "'Being inside the caves is an incredible experience - one of nature's miracles."

Source: Daily Mail