By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Removed All The Gluten Products From Famous Works Of Art… Now I Feel Less Bloated.

Have you ever tried going gluten-free. What was once a diet reserved for people with a gluten sensitivity or Celiac's disease is now a common diet plan that claims to improve digestion, improve skin, and even assist in weight loss.

Though the gluten-free diet has become popular in average households, we couldn't help but wonder what it would like if going gluten-free had made its way to popular culture over the years. Luckily, we don't have to wonder any more - one Tumblr user has reimagined all the gluten-freeness we could ever dream of.

Pulp Fiction would have been a totally different movie without the Royal With Cheese.

But we'd still rather have a Guinness.

This Caravaggio painting lost it's loaves.

And this Johannes Vermeer painting went carb and gluten-free.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo was known for his famous painting of food, and he probably wasn't thinking about gluten when he gave this lady her suit.

This reimagined Vincent van Gogh looks a lot less comfortable.

Jeff Koons lost the cake in his famous cake painting.

Something tells me that this was not the healthier choice.

But what are we going to eat now?

This ancient dude would have had a lot less to do.

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