By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

David Attenborough Narrating Pokémon Go Is Exactly What You Need Today.

It's the perfect combination of two things you never knew you always wanted, and now it's right here for your enjoyment. That's right: This is David Attenborough narrating Pokemon Go, and it's basically the most epic mashup the Internet has ever seen.

Using his classic wildlife commentary combined with footage of the game, we get the ultimate Pokemon Go with a side of nature's favorite, and it's much better than listening to that grating Pokemon soundtrack. Only this time, when Attenborough says "It is, of course, a bird..." he's not talking about a hawk or crane -- instead, he's talking about the Spearow, that pesky Poke-bird that's tough to catch.

Something about this combination is simply music to our ears, and you can catch a clip of it below. Though Pokemon Go hasn't yet peaked (people are still very, very into it) this Attenborough version is a refreshing take on the craze. Maybe we should start calling him David Attenbor-Go?

Have you heard him narrate Adele's Hello video?

Source: P Karaoke