They Found A Goat Hanging From Power Lines. Their Next Move Took Guts AND Brains.

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A lot of people can pinpoint the origins of their fears in a single moment. One goat, in Sykourio, Greece probably has a strong fear of heights after its horns got caught in an overhead cable. The goat probably got tangled with the wire close to the ledge of a steep embankment and lost its footing. Either way, it wasn't going anywhere and it needed a helping hand to bring it down.

Luckily, a group of men used ladders and ropes to free it. Although, it was dangling high above ground, the horned animal was calm for the most part. It wan't until the men brought the animal closer to them that it began to kick and cry. The black goat did not appear harmed by the ordeal; simply walking away after all it was done. But, we can all be sure, it won't get too close to that cable again.

The goat was eating around olive trees when its horns got caught in the cable.

The animal was approximately 20 feet above the ground.

One man climbed a ladder while another used a rope to bring the goat closer to the ground.

After the scary ordeal, the goat was ready to join its herd.

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