By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Baby Goats Jumping On A Trampoline Will Melt Your Frozen Heart.

If you're routinely faced with the problem of too much free time, you might want to invest in a trampoline. Trampolines are an easy way to kill two or three hours, and with every jump or bounce, your happiness factor increases tenfold. Sure, they might be a little dangerous - but remember, without risk, there is no reward. In this case, the reward is that you can switch back and forth from landing on your feet to landing on your butt without incident.

These baby Nigerian dwarf goats have certainly discovered the unbridled joy that comes from a good trampoline sesh. As their human says on his Youtube description, these little fellas are "enjoying a fun day of sproinging." You can only process how cute this actually is once you've watched the video.

This baby goat thought he'd climb on a pig.

Source: Daren Weatherby