By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

There Is Something Very Scary About This Japanese Hotel… And Fans Of Sci-Fi Are Loving It.

Welcome to Tokyo, a magnificent cosmopolitan city that was once a hub for east-Asian travel, trade, and culture. Now, it is a city left in ruins by an indescribable monster, a genetic experiment gone wrong, a creature so large and so fierce that it can only be called by one name: GODZILLA.

Well, not exactly. Tokyo is fine, and so is everyone in it. However, Godzilla has made a triumphant return to Tokyo's Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku.

The 30-story hotel will have two Godzilla-themed rooms. In one room, guests will be able to look out their window and see a gigantic Godzilla looming nearby, built on top of the hotel's ground-floor cinema. The other room, aptly name "The Godzilla Room," is covered in memorabilia from the movie, and boasts a terrifying Godzilla - claw looming over the beds.

This is a most excellent idea, but the rooms don't come cheap: The rooms will go for $300+ during the week, and over $400 on weekends. Love Godzilla but can't come up with the scratch? Check out the epic photos below.

Remember these scenes from the 1956 film?

Well, now there's a hotel that wants to bring you back to a simpler time, one full of terrifying, genetically mutated monsters.

Would you want to sleep here?

Or look out your window and see this?