By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A Dozen Of These GOLD Doughnuts Will Set You Back $1,000… And They’re Actually Selling.

It may be a doughnut, but it isn't your average eclair: It's a Cristal Champagne donut, covered in edible 24K gold dust and gold leaf. It's so cool, it almost looks too good to eat...almost.

The golden doughnut is the brainchild of Filipino chef Björn DelaCruz, who created the doughnut masterpiece out of his restaurant in Brooklyn. The inside of the doughnut is filled with ube (purple yam), and jelly made from Cristal.

If you desperately need to get your hands on one these delectable delicacies, it will cost you: Each doughnut sells for $100, with a dozen ringing in at cool $1000. They might break the bank, but then again, they kind of look like they're worth it?

The Cristal Ube Doughnut is coated in edible gold, and packs a ton of flavor, too.

The single doughnuts are packaged in a solo black box, but if you order a dozen, you get them in a gold box with purple ribbon.

Other doughnuts on the menu are the original Ube doughnut, made from the same purple yam and looking pretty delicious as well.

The bakery also sells a Black and Gold Doughnut, which is a savory-sweet black cuttlefish ink doughnut, topped with icing made from Braven's White IPA beer. Of course, the whole thing is dusted in 24K gold.

We're going to need to start a separate savings account, simply for doughnuts alone.

Source: Today