Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

17 DIY Projects Using Gold Paint…. #2 Is Perfect For My Teenage Daughter.

#6. Give plain flower pots a fresh look.

Use gold foil printable paper to write inspiring messages on flower pots or vases.

Bonus points: If you have a little gnome paint him gold so he'll look great standing next to your new pots. Plus, who wouldn't want a gold gnome?

#7. Transform old wood bowls into decorative jewelry holders.

Spray paint the inside gold. Allow 30 minutes to dry. Flip the bowls over and spray white.

#8. Give your room a beautiful glow.

Spray paint the inside of lampshades. When you turn them on in a dark room, you'll see why this is such a good idea.

#9. Brass frame knock-offs

Cut long pieces of blue painter's tape or masking tape. Spray them gold. Allow time to dry, then add to the corners of picture frames. If you ever get tired of them, just peel them off. No worries.

#10. Strike-it-rich book holders

Spray paint two large rocks to use as book holders.

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