By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

This Is The Funniest Passive-Aggressive Note Ever Written By A Neighbor.

We were taught to love our neighbors (though not in the Desperate Housewives sort of way, Gaby Solís), but what does that really mean and look like?

Step 1, introduce yourself. You'd be surprised at how many people have never talked to their neighbors. The next steps will vary, but they all point to larger issues like kindness, community, and safety.

We don't have to be the best friends with our neighbors, but we should keep our music down, invite them to a few events, and lend them some sugar.

But what do we do in an emergency? Let's say you found your neighbor in front of their house, completely passed out. Your instincts say that the right thing to do is get help as quickly as possible.

Well, not everyone seems to agree. Check out the photos below to see how one strange neighbor situation grew even stranger.

One neighbor wrote to another, and it slowly turned into a community bulletin board.

And then another neighbor chimed in about a hawk.

Here's a close-up of the note, featuring a trusty map. You know, just in case you wanted to see where they'd spotted said hawk.

A fourth neighbor, let's call them the "artist" joined the party. Sometimes, being a good neighbor means calling for help and other times, it means (clearing the air by) drawing maps and birds.

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Source: reddit / yourinternetparty