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By Camila Villafañe

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20 Farewell Cakes So Funny You’ll Want To Quit Your Job.

There are two ways to bid farewell to an employee who's leaving a company. One is often pretty harsh and involves saying things like "You're fired" or "don't let the door hit you on the way out!" The other alternative is tastier and delicious. After all, it can be difficult to express how you feel about a co-worker leaving. At least by saying goodbye through a cake you can all enjoy this bittersweet moment. It's not always tough leaving a super crappy job, but it sure is tough saying goodbye. Fortunately these creative farewell cakes are just perfect, and in some cases, hilarious.

#1. In case you've been living in the stone age, Jake is a computer programmer.

So his programming friends decided to write a special program that would reflect how his co-workers feel. Hopefully it's not some form of malware.

#2. Some cakes serve to remind you that you're not just going to be missed, but you're also really hated.

Just ask Travis, who clearly didn't consider how working for the competition would affect his co-workers.

#3. This cake doesn't soft pedal the truth in any way.

These co-workers are like someone's crazy ex, and they clearly don't want this one to go.

This cake doesn't soft pedal the truth in any way.

#4. When Stacy decided to quit her job at the Vet's office, people really made her feel like crap.

Not sure how she must have felt eating a cake that looked like a litter box full of poop.

#5. No, really! Tell Ben how you really feel.

Some co-workers will pat you on the back and wish you good luck. Others will passive aggressively tell you that they hate you, which really translates to "we'll miss you."

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