A Massive Gorilla Came Up To Him… And Then He Got The Surprise Of His Life.

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Wildlife photographer John J. King II spent $500 a day for a permit without any guarantee he would spot primates at the gorilla camp at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in East Africa. King was only expecting a "nice spirited hike of one to eight hours." On the second day of the 3-day trek, King was taking photos when a family of gorillas sat right next to him. A baby gorilla grabbed his arm, shoulders, and then started grooming his head.

King described his feelings to National Geographic:

This baby kind of grabbed my arm in a very gentle way. I just can't tell you how gentle it was. It was like a young child touching your arm in a way that's very endearing. Then it just escalated. Instead of moving away, it went behind me and started to touch me on the shoulder and on the head in what was obviously grooming. When the silverback walked up, I was transfixed and really set upon not engaging his eyes and trying to be docile. I had no idea he had moved right behind me until my friend told me. From their touch to this sort of sweet, musty, wild smell, I felt like I was being caressed by wild creatures. It was really more surprise than fear and mostly just exhilaration.

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