Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

You Can Now Buy Goth Lattes That Are Darker Than Your Blackest Mood.

In the time we live in, there's a new health trend every few months. People nowadays love to try new drinks and food for the sake of becoming "healthier." One of the more recent popular trends is adding activated charcoal into consumable foods. The activated charcoal is used to trap toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and bacteria in the body, allowing them to be flushed out. This way the body doesn't reabsorb them. Activated charcoal has multiple benefits and is usually taken orally in capsule form.

Lately people have tried to be more innovative by adding this ingredient into recipes from charcoal pizza to charcoal bread to charcoal cake. But the most intriguing charcoal item to hit the market lately is the the activated charcoal latte — also know as the goth latte.

The rainbow trend has recently taken over in all areas.

We see it in food, drinks (remember that Starbucks unicorn frappuccino), and hair. Anyone else over it?

Well, we're finally moving onto something the complete opposite.

Instead of color, we've got something monochromatic — a solution to end all the multicolored madness: goth lattes.

Did you ever want a drink that literally matched your dark soul?

A caffeinated beverage that looks like how you feel?

Did you ever want a drink that literally matched your dark soul?

Are these goth lattes foreshadowing all around darkness?

Is the apocalypse coming? Will our futures be surrounded with darkness?

The drink is composed of crushed souls.

Not to mention all the dead unicorn lattes. These beverages just might be as dark as a cold person's dead heart.

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