By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Cyclist Has The Wackiest Bike Route… But When You Look At His GPS You’ll Get It.

Stephen Lund found doodling to be his motivation for staying physically active. The Victoria, British Columbia resident carefully maps out his bicycle riding route through a GPS program called Strava. Lund sketches a polar bear, a whale, and a mermaid through the roads and pathways he will bike through.

The doodles gave the cyclist, “a way to disguise exercise as urban exploration and creative expression, a way to make exercise fun.” Since starting his GPS Doodles last year, Lund has pedalled through 70 doodle maps, averaging about 70 kilometres per route.

"After this my bike was no longer a bike, it was a crimson-dipped paintbrush and the entire city was my canvass. GPS doodling gave me a way to inject a sense of purpose into my rides," says Lund.

The 50-year-old pedalled more than 22,300 kilometres last year.

Each route takes meticulous planning, with a sketch taking several hours to complete.

The doodle cyclist has no plans of slowing down. “The possibilities for it are really quite limitless," says Lund.

Next, a highway for bikes.

Source: Booooooom