By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Hospital Door Opens, And Grandma Get’s A Surprise That Makes Everyone Cry.

As Sharon Thompson laid in her hospital bed, a lot of emotions must have been going through her mind. Recovering from surgery after being diagnosed with leukemia, the 70-year-old Wyoming resident was forced to watch her granddaughter's graduation ceremony via a live stream.

As she watches, you can't help but feel sorry that she'll miss one of the most important events in her granddaughter's life - but what happens next will move you to tears.

Instead of attending her graduation ceremony, Taylor Thompson decided to surprise her ill grandmother: Before her name was called on the live-stream, Taylor had the speaker made a special announcement:

The next graduate is not here this evening because she has a surprise for someone special in her life,' the announcer said. 'Her grandmother has been battling cancer this past year and can't be at graduation, so she is watching the ceremony live over the internet right now. Dressed in her cap and gown, our graduate is going to walk into her grandmother's hospital room as I call her name.

When Taylor walks into her grandmother's room, both of their reactions are heart-wrenching. Taylor even throws her cap and gown into the air - perhaps the symbol of a new, hopeful beginning for both of them.

Source: Rhonda Thompson