Grandma’s INSANE Makeover Made Her Look Totally DIFFERENT.

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The Kardashians may have made their claim to fame as contouring queens, among other things, but one grandma is giving them a run for their money. Tea Flego, a makeup artist based out of Croatia, has taken up her 80-year-old grandma Livia as a subject for a makeover, and the results are incredible.

Thousands of netizens have praised Flego's work and have also assigned Livia a fresh moniker, "Glam-Ma." She has pursed her lips in shades of pink and burgundy, and batted her eyelashes for the camera like a natural.

Isn't it refreshing to see makeup used in a way to not only highlight beauty, but to also strengthen the relationship between a grandma and her granddaughter? And it's just in time for Mother's Day.

Check out the photos below and tell us what you think. Would you give your grandmother a makeover like this?

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