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Bride Surprised Her Terminally Ill Grandma With A Photo Shoot, And It Has Us In Tears.

Most little girls dream about what their wedding will look like some day, and although that special day may be far in the future, they know in their hearts that it will be beautiful. There'll be a big cake, lots of food, and everyone she has ever loved will be there to celebrate her union to the person she loves. Unfortunately, life tends to throw a curve ball when we're experiencing our happiest moments, and there are some rare instances when a wedding can be bittersweet. Just ask Brittany Marr, who knows how unfair life can be, especially when she was supposed to marry the one she loved, but knew she'd be mourning in less than no time.

Brittany Marr wanted everyone she loved to attend her wedding especially her grandmother, Ellen.

Although Ellen had been diagnosed with breast cancer, doctors had it under control, meaning, there was no doubt that she'd be well enough to attend Brittany's wedding. Then, everything changed.

After speaking with the doctors, Ellen was worried about how this would affect Brittany's big day.

The two had an inseparable bond, but when Brittany got a call that her gram's cancer had spread to her bones, she worried that she wouldn't be there. But Ellen was determined to see Brittany in her wedding dress no matter what.

Ellen's condition had gotten worse and she feared she wouldn't get to dance at Brittany's wedding.

The breast cancer, which had spread to Ellen's back, was destroying the bones in her back, causing nothing but pain, according to Brittany's Facebook post. But that best pain reliever was a good laugh, a good cry, and some quality time between these two.

You'd never know it by looking at this photo, but Ellen had been suffering a great deal.

In addition to chemo and radiation, Ellen was forced to sleep in a contraption the family called a turtle shell to keep her spine from deteriorating, which led to months of restless nights and discomfort.

When Ellen spoke to Brittany about her diagnosis, both women cried over the phone.

Ellen wanted to dance at her granddaughter's wedding and she assured Brittany that everything would be fine, despite the grim diagnosis and the aggressive treatments the doctors had given Ellen.

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