By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Funny Grandparents Proving You’re Never Too Old To Be Hilarious.

As a young girl, I didn't have too much time with my grandparents; my mother is the youngest of ten children. In retrospect, I realize I am lucky to have had any time with them at all.

I was by no means a spoiled child, our household was very simple, but I did have one of those shirts that read "If mom says no, ask grandma." And it was true. She would sneak me Coca Cola, Wrigley's Doublemint gum, and dollar bills under my parents' nose.

Even though my grandparents passed away a long time ago, I befriended many grandparent-like people over the years. They are the best kind of people. They're funny and honest, and they have a story for everything. With their humor and wisdom, I'm almost always able to let go of whatever worries I might have at hand.

Below, you'll find some of the funniest and most heartwarming images of grandparents being themselves - and we wouldn't have it any other way.

#1. Our grandparents always leave us something to remember them by.

#2. "My grandma got into a fight with our mixer. The mixer won."

#3. Grandparents have a monopoly on cool.

Grandparents have a monopoly on cool.

#4. "Grandparents took down their Marine Corps flag to support their grandson today."

#5. "My 90-year old grandma mailed a homemade vest for me to 'wear to parties.' It's...amazing."

#6. "My Grandma is getting pretty high tech these days..."

#7. "Birthday present from my grandma. She gets it, man"

#8. You're feeling out of shape. Meanwhile, your grandma is skating the boardwalk in hot pink pants.

#9. "My grandma bought me a new shirt today. I'm 34."

#10. "This is my grandma, 91, playing on my laptop computer. I just love the contrast between technology and her age. She grew up without electricity and most creature comforts. She took to playing solitaire quickly and I showed her how to use the mouse, etc. She didn't like the fact that she couldn't cheat in this version. Grandma liked computers so much that at the Care Home where she lived she often could be found playing on their computer. Sometimes she stalked the other users(seniors) until they would leave - too funny. She didn't quite get the whole "shut down" notion though; rather, used the power switch."

#11. Miyoko Ihara captured the special bond between her grandmother and her cat through a series of images.

#12. They don't lie.

#13. "My grandma made me a photo album for my graduation gift..."

#14. This grandpa knows how to make an entrance.

#15. "Grandma sent me this in the mail. Slowest picture message ever."

#16. These grandparents lift twice a week and hike 6 miles on Sundays.

#17. This grandpa runs marathons faster than you.

#18. "My grandmother loves Tim Tebow, so we got her this for her birthday."

#19. "Briefly mentioned to my Granny that I was stressed about money. She sent me $8 :)."

#20. "This one time somebody asked [my grandma] pointing towards me - 'O ke?' ('Who is she?'). She replied - "Ota toh ami." ('That is me.')"

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