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Grandson Surprised Grandpa With Rebuilt ’57 Chevy. His Reaction Was Priceless.

Cam had been listening very closely to his grandfather throughout the years.

"I built this car with ideas from Papa, he would mention his favorite color, wheels, and stuff he would want to do at car shows over the years and I took note!" he said. Finally, it was time for Cam to reveal his hard work to his best friend.

It was two days before Fred's 81st birthday when Cam brought the car to Fred's home in Kentucky.

"I was so emotional when I was pulling in,'' Cam recalled. Considering how much time and effort he put into fully restoring the vehicle, we'd be pretty emotional, too!

When Fred saw the car he was speechless!

In fact, Fred's knees went weak and he actually almost fainted! That's when Cam knew that every penny, every second of time, was entirely worth it.

When Fred saw the car he was speechless!

Cam Dedman / Facebook

"I just couldn't believe it. He's one special grandson, I'll tell you."

"I didn't have any idea that that car was anywhere close to being like that. I just thought he was not even working on it because he was running out of money," explained Fred. Well, it's more than obvious that Fred is extremely grateful for his grandson, Cam.

Watch this video to see Fred Lamar's emotional reaction to getting the gift of a lifetime from his grandson!

Source: Today

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