By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Delinquent Grandmothers Living A Secret Life As Graffiti Artists… And It’s EPIC.

What does your grandmother do in her spare time? Maybe she takes a water aerobics class. Maybe she knits. Maybe (hopefully) she sits around all day and figures out ways to constantly smell like lilacs and always have a baked good and tea ready for you.

Whatever your granny does, odds are, she doesn't do this.

This group of pioneering creative grandmothers in Lisbon, Portugal have formed a "graffiti gang." Their initiative offers graffiti workshops to senior citizens so they can express themselves and blow off some steam. Recently, a photographer followed these artistic grandmothers around the city, and the photos are pretty incredible.

The group is called LATA 65. Lata means "can" in Portuguese, and this group is focused on letting senior citizens know that there's nothing they can't do.

The group teaches street art to various groups of senior citizens around the country.

The art that these senior citizens create is interesting and contemporary.

The group makes their own stencils and creates their own tags, so people can recognize their work throughout the city.

The group has already introduced this part of youth culture to over 100 senior citizens throughout the city.

Of course, grandfathers are invited, too.

The group even passes out these cute buttons to spread awareness about their cause.

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