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By Huong Ngo

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Granny Panties Are Here To Ruin Your Dating Life Forever.

Granny panties have always been embarrassing to be caught in amongst young people. Such undergarments are perceived only to be worn by older women because society thinks young girls should only be wearing sexy or cute underwear. But you know what grannie panties have that sexy underwear doesn’t – comfort. Granny panties are the most comfiest underwear you can wear.

The user Bulletsandbees from Etsy definitely gets it as she’s dedicated her entire store to granny panties but not just any granny panties, granny panties with famous people on them! Take a look for yourself at some of the panties below, you might even want to add some to your Christmas wish list this year. The Ryan Gosling one definitely caught my eye.

Betty White Rose Sheer Mid Rise

Sophia High Waisted

Dorothy Gaudy Low Rise

Rue Mcclanahan High Waisted

Feel the Bern Red Heart Knit Low Rise

Bob Ross n Burnt Velvet Brown Floral High Waisted

Shia Labeouf n Cats Low Rise

Ryan Gosling n Cats Babydoll Lowrise

Your Custom Image Sheer High Waisted

Source: Bulletsandbees

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