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This Vet Locked Himself In With An Abused Pit Bull. The Reason Why Wrecked Me.

Doctor Andy Mathis does not see himself as just any veterinarian. The Elberton, Georgia resident actually thinks of himself as more a parent to the pets he cares for.

That's why when he received a call from a woman about a stray pit bull she found, Mathis asked her to bring it in. Sadly, the female canine was dehydrated, hypothermic, and starving. It looked like she wasn't going to make it.

That's when Mathis was faced with a troubling decision: put the sickly dog to sleep or help her along her long road to recovery. It was a tough choice, but in the end, Mathis made the right one. What happened next will bring a tear to your eye.

Mathis worked hard with his staff at his Granite Hills Animal Care to bring her back to health. They named Graycie Clair, and when she started her journey she was about 20 pounds underweight, suffering from vaginal prolapse. She also refused to eat.

Because of her thin and delicate body, she had to stay under a heat lamp to stay warm.

That's when Mathis decided to do something unusual: He entered Graycie's kennel and started to eat, to encourage Graycie to do the same. Surprisingly, it actually worked.

Now, Graycie is returning to health, a little bit at a time. She's even gaining about a half pound each day. Because of Mathis' quick thinking and amazing veterinary care, this story has a very happy ending.

Graycie eating today 02/08/16

Graycie eating today. 23.5 lbs.

Posted by Granite Hills Animal Care on Monday, February 8, 2016