By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

It Looks Like An Alien Blob… But It’s Actually Hiding Thousands Of Treasures.

In Graz, Austria, there's an unexpected and architecturally unusual building -- but it doesn't look like a building as much as it looks like a strange blob from outer space.

It's the Kunsthaus Graz Art Museum, and its peculiar shape is made even more bizarre by the nozzles that stick out from it's curved roof, which actually serve as windows.

Designed by London-based architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, they designed the building to look like a "friendly alien," and they pretty much hit the nail on the head. From the strange exterior to the impressive interior, this building is like nothing we've ever seen before.

Here's what it looks like from overhead -- it doesn't exactly fit in with the skyline, does it?

Landesmuseum Joanneum

The building's roof is made from thousands of acrylic glass panels. The panels themselves generate energy.

The outer skin is also embedded with 900+ fluorescent light rings, which can be individually programmed.

At night, the building becomes a work of art in and of itself.

The museum is located on the River Mur, and has become a huge architectural landmark in the area. It's not hard to see why: This building is pretty damn impressive.

Source: Amusing Planet