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By Camila Villafañe

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20 Tweets That Basically Sum Up Great Britain's Record Breaking Heatwave.

A certain world leader once said: “I don’t believe it,” in regards to a report about the terrible effects of climate change. But the people in Great Britain have no doubt believing it. According to the United Kingdom’s Met Office, the temperatures at London’s Heathrow Airport hit 98.4 degrees (36.9°C) in July, which is a new record. And the heat in Cambridge, England, hit the triple digits at 100.5 degrees (38°C). So, the people of Great Britain are finding hilarious ways to react to the heatwave by sharing some equally fun pics that are laugh out loud funny.

#1. Some Brits have resorted to creating what will undoubtedly become viral memes for years to come.

This cat has one leg up while laying inside the fridge to keep cool. But just because kitty’s in there doesn’t mean that it doesn’t expect someone to come over and rub its belly. Bonus: You get to cool off, too.

#2. This guy deserves total respect for bringing his very own fan unit on board the train.

The train obviously had no air conditioning. But it was hot even with the window open so he carried this fan with him and plugged it into the outlet behind his seat. Now that’s a pretty clever way to beat the summer.

#3. This is absolutely crazy! What in the world is happening, and why didn’t the adjacent stairs melt, too?

Great Britain is obviously not prepared for the insane heat they’ve been experiencing this summer. A lot of shoes were probably ruined trying to walk up these steps. It looks like a T-1000 is shape-shifting from the steps.

#4. This poor pigeon is looking for a reprieve from the London heatwave, and isn’t having much luck.

Can you imagine how burnt this little fellas’ feet must be from walking on the hot concrete? At the very least, they could have kept some water in the fountain. But then humans might start taking their shoes off and cooling their feet off, too.

#5. If anyone can appreciate the adage of “sweating like a pig” it would definitely be these two piggies.

Ironically, pigs don’t sweat so they can’t cool themselves off during the heatwave. So, it’s kind of thoughtful of this farmer to give the pigs in his care some ice lollipops to help them fight off the summer heat.

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