By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Greatest Revenge Story EVER, Someone Should Give This Woman A Medal.

A break-up is never easy. But it’s even harder when it comes with one partner being unfaithful, it makes the realization that the relationship is over that much harder. The person that was cheated begins to question their self-worth, wondering, when did the cheating begin? Why?

Overcoming a betrayal is a painful process to overcome for anyone. For couples who have been together for a long time, building their lives side-by-side, seeing their kids grow up and go off on their own, the assumption is to grow old together, and enjoy the older years and the fruition of their love.

One woman felt the rug being pulled under her when her husband of 37 years changed the course of their plans by announcing there was a new woman in his life and his decision to be with her.

Maybe the signs were there from the beginning.

Whenever a happy Julie popped in for a surprised visit at her husband Sam's work, the secretary seemed uncomfortable, standoffish. She was unable to make eye-contact. Julie did not think anything of it, the secretary was young and perhaps inexperienced.

Within months her husband told her he wanted out of the marriage. He needed a divorce immediately.

Julie felt like the life she had known had changed in a split second all over a younger more beautiful woman. But what about their lives together, their experiences, their history?

The new wife-to-be wanted to live in the mansion where Julie and Sam had raised their kids together.

Julie was given three days to pack all of her clothes, mementos, and everything that indicated she ever lived in that beautiful home.

She was allowed to take some other things but it took a lot of negotiation.

Not only did she have to move out but she had to ask before taking anything else the former secretary may want to keep. She could remember every frame and piece of furniture and how she chose each one with Sam or her kids. It was a humiliating experience to say the least.

She spent the whole day packing, crying, packing, and more crying.

Julie felt she had no voice. Her feelings, opinions were being dismissed. She had no idea how to begin new, alone. So much of a life tucked into cardboard boxes felt like a cruel joke.

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