By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Vegetarian Dog Is Trapped Inside A Cat’s Body… And He Doesn’t Care Who Judges Him.

Cats can be such fickle, odd creatures. Unlike dogs, who can be easily satisfied by bone or ball alike, cats have more peculiar tastes when it comes to interacting with their humans. Usually, something as silly as fetch is out of the question for a cat, preferring to simply sit on you when it needs something or scratch you when it feels you're being out of line.

This cat, who goes by the name of Mees, is a little bit different. Mees will do its human the honor of playing fetch, but only if the human does so with a green bean. Not a ball, not a mouse, not a bag of catnip - a green bean.

When first watching this video, it's hard not to see this as a bit odd. But watch again: Notice how much of the environment is green? Perhaps cat and human simply both have an affinity for the color. If that's the case, a legume makes a perfect plaything for the both of them!

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Source: Robin Drooger