By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

People Are Using Green Lights In Their Porch… Everyone Needs To Know Why.

When veterans come home after serving, they often talk about feeling isolated and unable to integrate into a regular life. They are aware civilians respect the hard work and sacrifice they made for the country and the world. Nonetheless, most people feel overwhelmed or intimidated to tell a veteran how grateful they feel towards them.

The Greenlight A Vet is a campaign that is easy and simple but means the world to veterans. All it takes is changing one light at home or work for a green one. It should be in a visible location such as the front door or office. Lighting the light everyday not only honours veterans but lets them know we support them.

There may never be words that suffice what the brave men and women mean to our communities, but this green light is a step to welcome them home.

Next, the Veteran Art Project photo series shows the men and women beyond their uniforms.

Source: Walmart