By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

15 Pets Who Aren't Entirely Sure About All This St Patrick’s Day Malarkey…

Green clothes? Check.

Irish whiskey? Check.

Corned beef cooking in the crock pot? Check.

A fully committed, prepped-liver-and-mind readiness for tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day festivities? CHECK, MATE.

But now matter how you've prepared for March 17th, odds are, you aren't as amped up as these animals. The poodle will make you feel ashamed of yourself.

This fella, who doesn't understand why all these parade-goers can't keep their hands to themselves.

This cat, who doesn't want you to know where he gets all of his holiday gear.

This bloke, who falls into pre-and-post St. Patrick's Day depression each year.

This scoundrel, who is using the holiday as an excuse to do something shady.

This dame, who looks exactly like your second grade homeroom teacher.

This pleibian, who has gone a little too far to appropriate Irish culture.

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