By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Gave $100,000 To Total Strangers, But The Money Wasn’t The Best Part…

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania has its own local Santa Claus. For the last ten years, an anonymous businessman goes around the city giving unsuspecting strangers $100 bills at a time, totalling $100,000. Surrounded by police officers acting as his helping elves, “Secret Santa” visits local stores going up to people to gift them.

The man upped his gift to a couple hundred dollars for one woman who works at the YMCA and said she was giving part of her money for the after-school program. He finds this year, his goodwill is very needed.

He hopes that his work will encourage, “everybody to come together, one act of kindness at a time.” Secret Santa’s work is beyond handing out cash, its about reaching out and showing someone that you care about them. That’s something we can all afford to do.

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Source: CBS Sunday Morning