By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

It’s One Of The Creepiest Places On Earth, The Photos Are Hauntingly Beautiful.

It's a place so lush and green that it hardly looks like it could be real, and instead appears to be a scene from some kind of fantasy movie where forest nymphs and woodland creatures live in harmony and no one ever gets bad news. However, this amazing place is very, very real, and it exists on Shengsan Island in China.

Roughly 40 miles east of Shanghai, this village is on a chain of islands in China's Zhejiang province. It was once in habited by fisherman, but it was completely abandoned after the fishermen left town. Now, it's simply a lush, green ghost town, and one photographer captured it all.

The entire city is covered in creeping vines and other wildly vibrant plants and flora.

Though the residents have been gone since the nineties, you can still see some semblance of the homes under all the greenery.

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