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Young Women Are Embracing ‘Granny Hair’ By Going GREY.

A lot of people value their natural hair. As they grow older, they become super conscious of the color and overall amount of hair that's still on the scalp. Grey hair usually indicates a person is aging or experiencing stress, so many people like to dye all their grey hairs to appear younger.

Believe it or not, younger people have started intentionally dying their hair grey and the end results are actually quite gorgeous. Who would of known that a full set of granny locks would look so edgy and cool on a young adult.

You can go light silver grey or you can go dark slate grey. You can mix the color with other pastel colors for an interesting ombre or you can dye the entire head the color. You can dress it up or dress it down -- there are so many different ways to successfully execute this color.

Metallic Denim Hair ! What's your shade of denim jeans? Light blue, dark blue, navy, greyish?

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I wanna dance with you

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Sun's out, buns out

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Smoke Wash ⚪️🌑 ( smokey silver melt // color using @kenraprofessional ✖️ @schwarzkopfpro ✖️ @olaplex )

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Night out at @shopavocado_activewear's opening party! Where's the avocado emoji when you need it 🎉

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