By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Year’s Biggest Fashion Trend Is Something I Didn’t Expect… But I Love It.

When we think of sexy and youthful hair, rarely do we think of the color grey. This color has been appointed as tired, drab and old. For decades women have been paying a fortune trying to reverse the inevitable change of shade.

It may just be the young teaching the old a lesson. Women everywhere are coloring their tresses from light to dark grey, silver and platinum. The trend is so hot that even celebrities are picking up on this new color. In the last two years, models have been sporting this new do on the runway and magazines.

You can find ideas by the dozen how to find the perfect shade of grey for you. Whether its ombre, highlights or the full head of hair there is an option for everyone. The next time you are at the salon, consider taking the plunge and try something new.


An abundance of platinum curls.

Chic even in a ponytail.

Combine green with your grey.

Cascading color change.

Silver and blue.

Mysterious allure.

Contrast with your jewelery.

Side bangs and lipstick.

Side braid for spring.

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