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Wise Older Man Gives Beautiful Advice On Grief That Everyone Must Read.

Death leaves a hole in your heart that hurts so bad, you start to wonder if it will ever get better. The grieving process is tough, and it doesn’t make it any easier knowing that you’ll never be able to give them a hug, or hear their laughter ever again.

One woman was mourning the loss of her best friend, and she wasn’t sure how to cope with it. She went on Reddit in the hopes of finding someone who could give her decent advice.

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She didn’t want a miracle. She simply wanted to find a way to move beyond the horrible realization that she had lost her best friend forever.

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And that’s when one Reddit user by the name of GSnow decided to share his story. As the man offered her his wisdom, it became clear that he had plenty of experience losing people.

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“Alright, here goes. I’m old. What that means is that I’ve survived (so far) and a lot of people I’ve known and loved did not. I’ve lost friends, best friends, acquaintances, co-workers, grandparents, mom, relatives, teachers, mentors, students, neighbors, and a host of other folks. I have no children, and I can’t imagine the pain it must be to lose a child. But here’s my two cents.”

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“I wish I could say you get used to people dying. I never did. I don’t want to. It tears a hole through me whenever somebody I love dies, no matter the circumstances. But I don’t want it to ‘not matter.’ I don’t want it to be something that just passes. My scars are a testament to the love and the relationship that I had for and with that person. And if the scar is deep, so was the love. So be it.”

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“Scars are a testament to life. Scars are a testament that I can love deeply and live deeply and be cut, or even gouged, and that I can heal and continue to live and continue to love. And the scar tissue is stronger than the original flesh ever was. Scars are a testament to life. Scars are only ugly to people who can’t see.”

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