By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Cut A Potato In Half And Rubbed It All Over His Grill, The Reason? WOAH.

Summer is a great time for grilling outside, and there's nothing better than firing up the charcoal and making magic with a few steaks, some grilled veggies, and maybe a hot dog or two. In these instances, a sticky grill is basically like a death sentence: No one wants to eat a steak that needed to be peeled back from the grill meticulously, leaving most of it's delicious charred surface behind.

Behold: There is a trick to grilling that cause you to never lose your food to the heat of the grill top again - and it doesn't involve any Crisco, PAM, or butter. Check out the video below to see the handiest grill trick you'll see all summer. You're going to be surprised at how simple it is.

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Source: Handimania