By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Hilarious Photos Of Pets Who Ruined Christmas… #25 Please Don’t Do That.

All pets need love and attention, but this can be a problem when the holidays roll around and our focus shifts onto other things. This is especially true for those who have divas or troublemakers as pets.

A couple years ago, my family and I were exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve. It was our new puppy's first Christmas -- we had welcomed Magic into our home on Black Friday -- and he was overwhelmed with confusion and excitement. While dressed in a Santa outfit, he tore at the leftover wrapping paper and played with his new bone. As we were finishing up, he squatted at the center of the room and left one last present, a big one, making it one holiday we would never forget. We agreed that it was his way of saying, 'O Come Let You Adore Me.'

Below you will find 30 other pets who have 'ruined' Christmas, but we love them just the same. In comparison to your pet(s), are these ones mild or over the top?

#1. Can't stop chomping on this artificial tree.

#2. One swipe and then this.

#3. A cat of many talents.

#4. A new meaning to The Christmas Song.

#5. This one had too much to drink.

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