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By Lisa Be

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He Was Laid Off After 22 Loyal Years. What Happened Next Brought Tears To My Eyes.

94-year-old Arthur St. John showed up at the Stratham Market Basket store Friday to collect his paycheck, but he got something he never expected.

Jason Schreiber

St. John has been working as a grocery bagger at the market for the last 22 years. St. John is one of thousands of part-time workers whose hours were slashed as protests continue over the firing of CEO Arthur T. Demoulas.

When Bonnie Gervais heard he was told not to report to work anymore, she and her teenage son, Christian, created an online fundraiser to help St. John out. They never expected it would raise thousands. On Friday, St. John got a check for $7,166!

Gervais is a part-time worker at a Market Basket in Massachusetts and she never met St. John until Friday when she presented him with the bank check.

Arthur cried two or three times. He was very appreciative,” said assistant store director Dean Clevesy. The money will help St. John pay his bills, but he still wants to get back to work.

If you would like to help St. John out, visit Go Fund Me and make a donation. It feels good!

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Source: Seacoast Online