Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Then-And-Now Photos Of Pets Growing Up Are Exactly Why We Love Them.

People love to look at old photo albums to see photos of themselves or loved ones in the past. We like to make the comparison of past to present. A lot can change in a few years or even a few months.

Looking at before and after photos of humans, however, do not compare to looking at before and after photos of pet animals! These photos are so cute, they might even melt your heart.

Humans grow up fast, but pets grow up even faster! Take a look at some adorable pups and kittens who've grown into handsome and beautiful dogs and cats.

#1. A boy and kitten transformed into a man and cat.

17 years later an this friendship is stronger than ever.

#2. This is what inseparable best friends really looks like.

Looks like they'll be together forever and ain't nothing going to change that.

This is what inseparable best friends really looks like.

#3. The pup that never stopped being a baby.

He will never know his true size. Props to his owner for being able to carry him still.

#4. Getting older just means becoming better friends.

Think of all the good times these two have shared.

#5. This little guy who still sits at the same spot in the backyard.

Maybe he's waiting for something or someone...

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