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Waitress Who Served Grumpiest Customer Gets Surprising Call When He Stops Showing Up.

We all get sick of cooking at home sometimes, which is why there are a million restaurants out there that are more than willing to cook a meal for us. As convenient as going out to dinner is for the patrons, it can be pretty stressful for those that are working in the restaurant, especially the waitstaff. Thanks to busy nights and rude customers, being a server comes with a lot of frustration, and sometimes, it can be overwhelming. One waitress had such an uncanny ability to stay positive and patient no matter what was happening that she was the only person who could wait on one of the restaurant's grumpy regulars. But she had no idea that the customer was watching her very closely.

Melina Salazar, a waitress at the Texan restaurant Luby's, was well-known to her customers for her friendly and fast service. Melina was so good at what she does that she was the only server in the restaurant that could handle their grumpiest customers.

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This 89-year-old World War II veteran is Walter "Buck" Swords, and he was well-known at Luby's restaurant for being cranky, demanding, impatient, and short-tempered with the waitstaff. Well, at least that's what everyone thought of him.


Even though he was always rude to the staff, Melina was always prepared to take his order. Every single day for seven years, Melina served the old man his food just the way he liked it: too hot to eat.


Melina always worked hard to get the man's orders done exactly how he liked it. She always made sure to have a smile on her face as she said: "how you doin' today?" Everyone was clueless as to how she managed to be in such a good mood every day, especially when she had to serve the old grumpy man. But Melina knew what she was doing.

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One day, Buck didn't show up for his normal meal at the restaurant. And he didn't show up the next day either. He didn't show up the day after that, either. Melina began to think that maybe something happened to Buck, but there was no way for her to find out if he was okay or not.

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