By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

17 Cheeky Grocery Stores With A Twisted Sense Of Humor.

The life of a retail worker can be a lot more stressful than you might think. For starters, these jobs are typically minimum wage, so workers end up doing a whole lot for not very much money. The hours aren't great, either: Your job is to be available when the 9-5 crowd is off of work, which means you might end up working pretty late, too. And above all, being a retail worker can be downright boring -- there are hours that go by when you have to figure out how to pass the time.

And since that's the case, why not get a bit creative with it? After all, your boss told you that your main goal is to sell -- what better way to pass the time than to come up with some clever ways to market your product? We certainly appreciate the effort made to market these items. #14 speaks to our very soul.

#1. That's one way to sell a whole bunch of carrots. Hopefully, they're doing the same kind of clever marketing in the charcoal aisle.

#2. We see what they did here, and we respect it. As long as the baguettes aren't filled with meth, we think these will sell pretty well.

#3. When you take your teenager to Target and then leave them to their own devices. The best part is imagining a suspicious person shopping at Target and coming across this.

#4. We appreciate the sheer amount of effort this took to come alive. Plus, it's pretty adorable to imagine a bunch of bottles of beer in their own little Superbowl.

#5. Page refuses to load. Bonus points to the customer who decides to go 100% corny and asks the Target employee to refresh the page.

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