By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

17 Cheeky Grocery Stores With A Twisted Sense Of Humor.

#6. Admit it: Now you're getting some ideas, and they go well beyond making banana bread. Just remember: These bad boys could leave a bruise.

#7. Never has toilet paper looked so glamorous. Wedding dresses are ridiculously expensive, so you might feel compelled to say yes to this dress.

#8. We hope Grumpy Cat is getting some royalties for this. Never has something so grouchy caused so many smiles.

#9. It only makes sense if you've seen the movie -- let's hope these weren't grown the same way. Then again, you wash them, so in the end it's all the same.

#10. Back in olden times, this is what they used to play Temple Run. Sadly, this model doesn't come with a camera.

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