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What He Did With Some Broken Old Tiles Is Crazy. I Can’t Believe It Actually Worked.

Tiles are an easy and classic option when renovating a bathroom. Reddit user Powercube, however, wanted to take the ceramic squares from nice to cool. With a bucket of mosaic tiles he had lying around the house, he chose to wrap them in a towel and take a hammer to them. The handyman used those broken pieces to create a large lizard on the bathroom wall.

To give his lizard something to look at, a dragonfly was applied to the second wall. The project was time consuming but it was worth it when you see the final product. Take a look at the steps below.

Here is what the guest bathroom looked like before we started.

My wife and I are rehabbing an old 1960's ranch house. This was the small second bathroom before we started. This was the only door which entered from the hallway.

In the bathroom looking out.

Here is a second shot standing against the window you see in the first picture.

I won't bore you with the demolition - we gutted everything down to the studs and removed it all.

To rearrange the layout for maximum use, we reclaimed the corner you see on the left which was actually the back of a small hall coat closet that we didn't need anymore and moved all the plumbing around.

Starting the shower lizard.

So I wanted to do something different with the shower. I had quite a few left over 18x18 porcelain tile that we used in the kitchen. I also had a bucket of 1x1 blue mosaic tile that have followed us around from house to house because my wife always said we would find some use for them. This was my chance.

After building out the shower stall I applied backer board over the while thing.

Then I found a picture of a lizard I liked and drew it on a sheet of hardy board and cut it out with a saber saw. I used mastic to attach it to the wall. This has the effect of raising the lizard about 3/8" away from the wall giving it a 3-D appearance.

Tiling took a lot of time and patience.

I broke the 18x18 porcelain tile by dropping them outside on the cement driveway. I wrapped the small mosaic tile in a towel and hit it with a hammer to break them up.

Then I just turned on some music, and started working on the puzzle.

He needed a really cool eye.

I found some smoothed rounded river pebbles and took the whitest one I could find. I sawed it in half with a tile saw.

I needed some contrasting colors for his strip on his back and sides so I bought a couple of gold and cream color 12x12 mosaic glass tiles from Home Depot.

I took one of the gold ones and sawed it into a sliver. I bonded the sliver between the two halves of the river stone and attached it as his eye. It sticks out even a bit further than the body.

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