By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

What He Did With Some Broken Old Tiles Is Crazy. I Can’t Believe It Actually Worked.

Keep going on the tile.

Slowly worked my way down the wall each night after work

Keep going...

Short stop to apply some RedGuard on all the seams for waterproofing.

Keep going...

But now as I am getting this wall done I realize that the lizard is looking at something over on the other wall under the shower head and he looks hungry. Can't have him staring at nothing.

So I had to add a dragonfly.

This one was easy. I found an online store selling decorative ceramic pieces that are used as pool inlays.

Bought the dragonfly and started the process again on the second wall.

Damn these little pieces are driving me CRAZY!

But I'm almost there.

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