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By Huong Ngo

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A Guy Left A Fake Guest Book At Airbnb, And The Entries Are Outrageously Funny.

Airbnb has recently became more popular as a website or app you can use to book a stay in someone's home. Much like booking a suite in a hotel, Airbnb allows you to book a room or an entire home in the destination of your travels. After each stay, many Airbnb hosts will have cleaners come in and sweep the place down before the next guests arrive. However, when items are left in plain sight, they can easily be mistaken for something that's supposed to be there.

Obvious plant, an online jokester on Facebook, has made a comeback with a new prank. He left a fake guestbook at a Florida Airbnb asking people what brought them to the state. What might appear as a harmless and ordinary guest book, however, is quite the opposite!

Here's the fake guest book. It looks legitimate and innocent, that is until you open it to see what's inside.

Apparently dogs who wear sunglasses only exist in Florida.

Well I'm happy he got to meet the dog of his dreams.

Not all dolphins are as nice as you hope them to be.

You are right my friend, some things just aren't meant to be.

This isn't a crime but sounds like it should be?

Leave the old and retired alone! They deserve to be left at peace.

Mommy needs her candy!

Don't keep mommy waiting, she can get mean really quick when she doesn't get her candy.

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