By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Framed For Crimes He Didn’t Commit, This Dog INSISTS He’s Innocent.

Sometimes the best way to elude getting in trouble is to simply avoid eye contact. Some temptations are too great to stay away from, even if we know we will face the consequences later on. It could be the thrill of the moment trumps any fallout that may come after.

One dog named Daisy is clearly guilty of eating and destroying some of the decorations in the home. Despite being shown the evidence, the canine thinks that by simply looking away, she is free from any repercussions.

We are not sure how many times Daisy has done this before, but she definitely knows how to act oblivious in a compromising situation. We can’t guarantee this behavior will work on humans, but you can certainly try it.

Next, this canine knows how to say sorry.

Source: Kyoot Animals