Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

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Adopted Dog Returned To Shelter 11 Times, But Then The Staff Finally Realized Why.

His revolving door of adoptive families had cared for him and fed him, but he wasn't happy.

He just kept trying to escape every time, which is why the owners got tired of it and brought him back to the shelter. Finally, a staff member at the shelter figured out why Gumby was compelled to return.

According to the shelter's behavior team leader, Donya Satriale, Gumby is an empath.

This means he has a skill that allows him to comfort new dogs coming into the shelter. Essentially, he would ease their minds and put their fears to rest.

So, instead of putting her up for adoption again, Satriale made him an "ambassa-dog."

But aside from helping the new arrivals adjust to their life at the shelter, he also helps kitties at the Charleston Animal Society by donating blood, which helps cats fight infection. So, not only is Gumby adorbs, but he's also a life saver for his feline cousins. Now isn't that heartwarming?

Source: Animal Channel

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