By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Woman Went To The Gym For 100 Days. What She Discovered Will Inspire You.

Lakeisha Shurn was tired of being overweight. The San Francisco resident admitted to having a low self-esteem as well as battling depression. Nonetheless, she decided to share her very private and raw emotions by recording herself.

Lakeisha documented her daily visits to the gym in a time-lapse video as part of Give it 100. The project encourages people to practice something for 100 days. Health experts agree keeping a journal and making goals public knowledge makes them easier to achieve as it increases accountability and allows others to offer encouragement. However, Lakeisha’s journey is not just about weight loss but also about loving herself.

Viewers can see the changes in the 33-year-old woman; from her posture, smile, and finally her physical transformation. It's hard not to cheer her on in the almost three minute clip. Watch how much she accomplished in only three months. Her final message at 2:38 is inspiring.

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Source: Give it 100