Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Stencil Hair Art Is 2017’s Hottest New Hair Trend, And It’s Awesome.

Art is all about innovation — experimenting and creating new techniques. Stencil art has been around for awhile now. Artists draw their designs onto card stock or cardboard and cut it out to create their own customized stencils.

Hair artist Janine Ker has taken it to the next level by bringing stencil art to actual hair! What it sounds like is exactly what it looks like. The results: creative, fun, and incredibly artsy.

Janine Ker is a hairstylist who not only has skill in hair but also has an artistic background.

She's used this artistic background to her advantage by combining her two worlds with gorgeous hair art.

Using the same technique as any other street artist, she spray paints over stencils with vibrant colors.

The only difference is that she paints onto hair instead of onto a wall. But it's because it's on hair that it allows her to be super creative with the placement.

Would you sport any of these looks?

Check out more of her stencil hair art in action in the video below!