By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Babies Who Were BORN With Better Hair Than You’ll EVER Have.

All babies are adorable, but we've got to admit that when babies are born with a full crop of lush, thick hair, it takes their cuteness to a whole new level.

Below are some babies who came into the world with the kind of tresses that a grown person would be envious of. It's actually hard to believe that hair can grow this much inside the womb -- after all, there's no shampoo or conditioner in there, you know? Check out these adorable, follicularly-blessed infants below. #14 will fill your heart with so much joy.

#1. Doing their best Donald Trump hair impression.

#2. More hair than the average middle aged man.

#3. Gotta love a white mop like this.

#4. You can tell this one is proud of her locks.

#5. Rock star in the making.

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