Meet Baby Chanco, The Internet’s New Mane Attraction.

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When you think of a baby, you imagine them having a tiny and adorable chrome dome head. Even at seven months, you wouldn’t expect to see more than a few stray hairs growing out of their scalps. But have you ever seen a baby with a full set of hair? Well, then you probably haven’t met a baby from Japan named Chanco. This little girl is only seven months old and she was born with a feature that sets her apart from all of the other babies. Obviously, she’s totally cute, but she’s also got thick, luscious hair that most grownups would pay for, and it’s all real, baby!

Chanco was born in December 2017 with thick black hair, which was quite a surprise to her parents. Over time, they expected the baby’s hair to become lighter, which is pretty common in babies her age, but that didn’t happen.

Meet Chanco, the Japanese baby who is only seven months old and has taken the internet by storm.

babychanco / Instagram

But so far, Chanco’s soft hair, called lanugo, has continued to grow and it doesn’t seem like it intends to slow down. And what’s more, her mom decided that she would start documenting the progress of Chanco’s hair and shared it on social media.

Usually, babies who are born with lots of hair tend to lose it by the time they’re 32 to 36 weeks old.

babychanco / Instagram

Her followers are head over heels in love with Chanco’s amazing hair, and to most people, it seems as though the hair has every intention to continue to grow. But it’s not always easy to maintain locks that are as luscious as these.

The baby now has an Instagram account named babychanco and she’s accrued 118,000 followers.

babychanco / Instagram

They’ve put her in an adorable blue dress and sat her on the couch. It’s like she’s doing a photo shoot for Vogue. But her hair is the thing that draws people in, because, let’s face it, that bouffant is too magnificent to ignore.

Her parents dress her up with the most adorable outfits that showcase her hair.

babychanco / Instagram

When she’s not smiling, she’s lounging around or looking up at the camera while laying on her back, while her voluminous hair continues to captivate people from all over the world. This precious little angel hasn’t even had her first birthday yet and she’s already adored by thousands.

In the images that the mom has posted so far, Chanco is looking very chilled and relaxed in her crib.

babychanco / Instagram

They’ve given Chanco different hair accessories to accentuate her cuteness. In this photo, she’s wearing a cute Minnie Mouse bow in her hair. And honestly, Chanco looks like a Disney princess with hair big old hairdo.

Taming that mane has been a challenge for Chanco’s parents, but they’ve managed to pull it off.

babychanco / Instagram

As if those sweet facial expressions of hers weren’t enough, she’s got all that hair making her oh-so popular. She’s such a doll, and she’s pretty regardless of whether she’s facing you or she has her back turned to you.

This pint-size Insta-celeb is also a hit when her mom takes her out and people see her amazing locks.

babychanco / Instagram

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