Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Meet Baby Chanco, The Internet’s New Mane Attraction.

Taming that mane has been a challenge for Chanco’s parents, but they’ve managed to pull it off.

They’ve given Chanco different hair accessories to accentuate her cuteness. In this photo, she’s wearing a cute Minnie Mouse bow in her hair. And honestly, Chanco looks like a Disney princess with hair big old hairdo.

This pint-size Insta-celeb is also a hit when her mom takes her out and people see her amazing locks.

As if those sweet facial expressions of hers weren’t enough, she’s got all that hair making her oh-so popular. She’s such a doll, and she’s pretty regardless of whether she’s facing you or she has her back turned to you.

Of course, as cute as she is, her mommy still wants her daughter to get a haircut. So watch this video to see how Chanco reacted to her first haircut. Don’t worry. She was brave and it was only a slight trim!

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