By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Animals Who Are Not Happy With Their Haircuts… #9’s Owner Has Some Serious Explaining To Do.

When you get a good haircut, it can give you a huge confidence boost. Suddenly, all of your problems can be swept away with a little tousle of your newly glorious mane. However, if you get a bad haircut, it can completely ruin your life: There is nothing work than trying to disguise a terrible new 'do with an equally terrible hat, is there?

These animals all got awful haircuts, but unfortunately, their lack of speech and opposable thumbs makes it impossible for them to speak up for themselves or fight back. So instead, they sit and fester, waiting for the day they can exact their revenge on the humans who did this to them. #23 is clearly emotionally unstable after his visit to the barber.

#1. This doesn't even really make physical sense.

#2. Wishing a curse upon your children.

#3. Wishing he had skipped the blowout.

#4. New hair, new me.

#5. Not her best look.

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